Clarity Ventures, founded in 2011, is a principal investment firm in the classic sense: our investments are made entirely from the capital of the active investment partners.  All of the capital we deploy has been generated from our years of investing in successful companies.

Our investment style is a function of what motivates us and our beliefs as to how long-term value is created: 

This approach has enabled a satisfying legacy of strong relationships with people who build excellent companies. 

We designed Clarity Ventures to implement this approach with maximum versatility and focus.  Without external limited partners and the associated client-focused agendas, we have no marketing or fundraising functions, style mandates, fund lifecycles, asset allocation requirements, investment committees, or potential for internally conflicting dynamics.  We are thus enabled to:

We recognize and admire that managers take on risk to build a company: in committing our own capital in support of their mission, we view ourselves as their partners.  It is not our style to attempt to exert unsolicited influence.  We value our dialogue with management, we appreciate opportunities to learn, and we are happy to offer our perspectives or support when asked.